Tourist trails

The real value of Knyszyn Forest lies in its unique world of nature, clean environment as well as cultural dicersity which all together influences tourism. People visiting these sites can easily forget about hustle and bustle of cities leading activity-based tourism at the same time. One can also  learn about religious mosaic  and multicultural history of this area.

"Supraski" trail. Photo: KFLP

The dense network of many tourist trails invites for trips in the forest. For those who prefer cycling tourism there is a number of signed  bicycle routes.  The other form of an active rest are: canoeing trips and horse – riding along the horse trail.  One of the greatest attractions in the winter time is popular sleigh ride in the forest as well as ski competitions along the marked up routes. The history amateurs will be satisfied visiting the Supraśl and its monuments  or walking The Tatar Trail and „On traces of the January Uprising”. Equally attractive trail is called „On the Handicraft Route” where it is possible to meet dissapearing proffesions such as: smith, potter, spoonmaker and weaver.

Walking trail. Photo: KFLP

Regardless of the season it is possible to organize a fire at particular places in Knyszyn Forest.

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