Educational workshops in kindergarten

On 11 of April 2013 KFLP workres and volunteer – Rusa Varshalomidże visited The Kindergarten No. 64 in Białystok with educational workshops. The young paticipants at different age were divided into 2 groups which caunted 45 childreen in total.

First part of workshops. Photo: Arch. KFLP

The meeting was supported by The Earth Day which this year is celebrated in connection with electrical wastes. The action has been called „Electrical wastes – simple rules”. The pupils knew among others about the importance of segregation household waste for recycling in terms of environment protection. Next part of the meeting concerned a spring aspects in the forest. The pupils reacted spontaneously when they saw spring symbols from Knyszyn Forest. At the end of the workshops  there was an ecological competition where pupils gathered promotional materials from Knyszyn Forest Landscape Park. They liked them a lot.

The pupils were really interested. Photo: Arch. KFLP

The meeting was a good occasion to introduce such problematic aspects for young children. In the future it surely will earn an interest in preservation of natural and cultural values of Knyszyn Forest Landscape Park.

Pupils and educators. Photo: Arch. KFLP

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