The Prof. Witold Sławiński Landscape Park of the Knyszyn Primeval Forest covers an area of 74,447 ha including woodlands  and river valleys. The area possesses aditional field around it – so called buffer zone which has 52,255 ha. Its main role is to protect the Park against harmful influence of outside factors. The border of buffer zone was delimited on existing at that time border of protected landscape area – Knyszyn Primeval Forest. That allowed the Park to embrace almost whole Knyszyn Primeval Forest what gives him second place in Poland in terms of size of landscape parks.

It is typically forest park as 61. 127 ha (82,1%) of its area is occupied by forests. Farmlands, meadows and pastures occupy 9.985 ha (13,4%), marshes and peatbogs 436 ha (0,6%), waters 381 ha (0,5%), transport territories, settlement ones and others  2.517 ha (3,4%).

River valley. Photo: Arch. KFLP

The aim of the Park is to  protect and preserve natural recources along with cultural and historical values of Knyszyn Primeval Forest, also to create good conditions to conduct scientific research as well as for education , tourism and other leisure activities.


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